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Consolidated Computing Presents:

ThreatBlockr Live Demo

Join Us! October 19, 10:00am EST

During this engaging session, ThreatBlockr’s cybersecurity experts will showcase their patented solution’s capabilities, demonstrating how it enhances network security. Here's what you'll learn:

    1. Uncover ThreatBlockr's Power: See how it can leverage 50+ cyber intelligence feeds in real time with no impact on network performance.

    2. Proactive Threat Defense: Learn how ThreatBlockr identifies and blocks all known threat actors, inbound and outbound, at line speed.

    3. Optimize Security Posture: Find out how ThreatBlockr removes 30-50% of network traffic before it hits your security stack, reducing false alerts and increasing both your teams’ and technologies’ efficiency.

    4. Cost-Effective and Automated: Explore the low-touch, automated solution that saves time, frees up resources, and provides a foundational layer of proactive security.


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October 19th, 10am EST
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